Twin Creeks Hunting Club is a well established dog hunting and still hunting club that was founded from two original hunting clubs that has been in existence
since the late 70’s and early 80’s. D & J Hunting Club and Salem Gun Club. Both clubs were well organized clubs and saw a need to merge in order to offer
hunting land in eastern Halifax and Nash County. We have a nice smoke free club house with ample sleeping for 14 to 16 people. The club house has a full
bathroom with shower and kitchen with appliances and a dinning area. We have a nice skinning shed with running water and a pit to discard your deer
carcasses. Our by-laws which are located in the club rules section were drawn up so that any member and his family can hunt with enjoyment and know that
their safety comes first. Each member has equal rights to access and use Twin Creeks Hunting Club Land within the guidelines of our by-laws. Our
management program is flexible enough to allow experienced and inexperienced hunters the opportunity to harvest the game of their choice. All game
harvested on Twin Creeks Hunting Club land will be harvested and registered by the guide lines of the North Carolina Game Laws.

Our property contains mixed hardwoods, planted pines, big cutovers and swampland. We have very few acres in crop fields. Twin Creeks has several food
plots that are planted with blended forage mixes. All of the club gates are under a one lock system. There are a few ladder stands and tower stands thru out
the property but most hunters prefer to place their own stands on a first come basis. Other games to hunt include turkey, rabbits, raccoons and squirrels.
We have miles of well maintained ATV trails for family riding and enjoyment. Guest are always welcome at Twin Creeks Hunting Club and are always under
the supervision of their sponsor.

Our goal at Twin Creeks Hunting Club is to always work together as a club to insure that each and every member has a fun, enjoyable and productive
hunting season. Twin Creeks Hunting Club strives to keep the hunting tradition alive as well as passing on the great tradition to our children. In order to
accomplish this each member has to be in one mind and in one accord for the better of Twin Creeks Hunting Club.